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Invoicing & Items Management

Issuance sales invoices and manage items system
SKU: 0002-00001
977.50 ر.س.‏

System Platform:

Computers running Windows operating systems.


  1. Issuance of sales invoices
  2. Sales returns
  3. Add items
  4. Item barcode printing
  5. Registering customer data
  6. sales report
  7. Returns Report
  8. sales VAT report
  9. Item Managment
  10. Compatiable with the Electornic Invoice system in KSA.

Services & Upgrade:

  1. The system contains one point of sale with one user.
  2. Adding a new user on the same PC will costs 20% of the main amount.
  3. Adding a new user on another PC under the same server will costs 80% of the main amount.
  4. To join two or more points of sales remotly without VPN connection it will be costs 345 SAR per join annualy.
  5. Hosting the system online costs 25% of the total price annualy.
  6. Standard updates will be download free.
  7. Special updates costs will determine by how much time and effort need to finish.
  8. All the services will made remotely by any remote assistance application.
  • For support , joining the branches or runing the system online the provision of an Internet connection on the part of the customer.
  • In the case of direct connection, the branches cannot work when the connection to the server is interrupted.
  • Hosting the system online the internet connection requrie a continous internet connection.
  • Advanced connectivity allows branches to work without a connection to the Internet or to the server, and when the connection is available, the data is updated and synchronized between the branch and the server.

Technical Support:

  1. Technical support will be free for one year.
  2. After one year the customer can join our remotely support plan with 20% of the total price.
  3. To purchase the technical support service only when needed, each support ticket will be opened for 175 riyals.
  4. Support services, whether with annual subscription or when needed, are implemented remotely, and the customer must provide an Internet connection at his headquarters to secure the connection.
  5. In the event that technical support requires a field visit, 345 riyals will be charged for each visit.
  6. The field visit is limited to the city of Riyadh only.


How we install:

Kindly, after payment contact us to acvtive (online systems) or install (local systems) your selected system by the number (920000564 ext.100)  or 0554107774